In London, Bhanu Choudhrie has earned quite a name for himself in the business world as the founder of C&C Alpha Group, a philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He founded this company back in 2003 shortly after moving to London and it has proven itself to be the first in a long series of successes. He graduated from college in the United States from Boston University with a BA after studying International Business and Marketing. While there were several opportunities that Bhanu Choudhrie could have taken in the United States, he decided to follow his career path to the United Kingdom where he quickly founded his own company and began making investments.

Though he has been doing business throughout several sectors, one of the ones that Bhanu Choudhrie gets a lot of attention for is the work that he has done in Asian aviation. It all began when his company purchased a small airline that was based in India and only had a single plane in its fleet. He and his team with C&C Alpha Group were able to build this company quickly and it gave a boost to the industry in the area that had been coming out of a recession due to a rise in fuel prices. With the growth of the aviation industry, there has been a shortage of pilots that have been properly trained across the globe. Bhanu Choudhrie decided to approach this shortage by opening up his own pilot training academies that became known as Alpha Aviation.

Through all of the success that he has had throughout his career, he has not forgotten about the importance of giving back. His mother had instilled this value in him from a young age when he was growing up in India and it has remained with him to this day. While C&C Alpha Group is something of a family business, so are a lot of the charitable efforts that he makes. For example, Path to Success is an education initiative that helps provide disabled people with the help that they need to earn an education that could help them gain security in their lives that is led by the mother of Bhanu Choudhrie.

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