Betterworks was formed in 2013 in Silicon Valley. It is a company designed to help companies find the best way to improve performance management. It helps companies improve productivity and keeps track of specific data. This helps employees set goals and reach them.

Each company has guiding principles that make it unique. This is important when setting and achieving goals. Setting good goals establishes good business practices. When setting goals, communication among employees must be clear.

Betterworks software helps departments communicate effectively and helps manage multiple departments efficiently. It puts everyone on the same page, so that they know what their goals and responsibilities are. Betterworks can track each employees progress on goals and keep them informed when changes in tasks take place.

Betterworks Continuous Performance Management solutions gives companies many ways to track projects. It can set up a timeline and track individual company achievements. It compiles information on how companies reach goals and their work habits.

Betterworks Helps With Objectives and Key ResultsĀ 

From market research conducted, Betterworks found that managers find talent management often lacking in their company. Research showed managers lack a sense of purpose and feel that employees lack a sense what the company objectives are. Many managers are negative and do not back up feedback with performance.

Betterworks software helps managers in companies give feedback regularly, and fellow workers too. It helps train new employees setting goals every 30, 60, and 90 days. It promotes continuous performance management.