Betsy DeVos doesn’t think that squandering time is the wisest thing to do. That’s the reason she uses her time so wisely no matter what. She grasps that it’s a resource that’s invaluable. She grasps that it’s something that people cannot ever get back. This woman has adored her life on this planet so far. She adored it when she got married to Dick DeVos a long time ago. She adores it just as much to this day. Why is she so fond of her life? It’s due to the fact that she has always been someone who has given everything she has to the things that she wants. She’s not meek or timid at all about the things that hold value to her.


President Donald J. Trump has a personality that can be quite intimidating to many people. He never intimidates DeVos, though. That’s because they’ve been coworkers for a while at this point. It’s also because no one on the planet can intimidate her. She’s the United States’ brave and kind Secretary of Education. She’s at the helm of so many critical educational system choices. She knows all too well that other topics simply pale in comparison to all of the work she handles each day of the week.


DeVos isn’t the kind of person who is unfamiliar with the huge American school system. She’s been involved in big discussions with instructors from all around the country. She’s been involved in big discussions with administrators who are in charge of major school choices as well. She’s talked to educational system employees in the Midwestern part of the United States. She’s talked to educational system workers on the East Coast and the West Coast, too. Geography doesn’t ever limit her desire to further education in America. She’ll go anywhere in the massive nation in order to make an impact.


Many people are drawn to Miami, Florida’s gorgeous beaches and thrilling shopping and nightlife opportunities. DeVos, though, isn’t in either of these categories. Why did she fly to Miami in 2018? She flew to the metropolis in order to join forces with other people who are enthusiastic about charter schools. Pitbull is a well-known All-American musician who has been a big player in the rap genre for a long time. He’s similar to DeVos in that he cares deeply about all matters that involve American charter schools. He encountered DeVos at the Miami conference that delved into all sorts of key educational topics. He spent a significant chunk of time talking about charter schools and how their students learn.


DeVos likes learning. She also likes seeing others around her learn. She was thrilled to watch her children doing their homework when they were younger. She likes thinking about students all around the country getting educational opportunities that can get them on the path to pure success. She talks about the fundamentals of the United States’ educational system. She talks about the nuances that in many cases call for significant adjustments.


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