Jeremy Goldstein is a prominent New York attorney who specializes in the field of labor law. Specifically, Mr. Goldstein helps clients in the areas of mergers, compensation and governance. Mr. Goldstein received a master’s degree from the University of Chicago, and his law degree is from New York University.


Many businesses have a number of trade secrets such as formulas or an exclusive client list. Businesses don’t want their trade secrets to be used against them by former employees who were privy to this information. If trade secrets and other important company information falls into the hands of a competitor, a business can lose a substantial amount of money.


In order for a business to protect its interests, attorney Jeremy Goldstein advises that companies have their employees sign a non-compete agreement. These agreements are sometimes referred to as restrictive covenants.


A non-compete agreement is often signed when someone has applied for a job and has been accepted for employment with the company. The employee starting with the company is contingent upon the employee signing a non-compete agreement.


These agreements usually prevent an employee from going to work for a competitor for a specified period of time. They may also prevent an employee from working in a similar business within a specified geographical area.


A company may require an employee to sign a non-compete agreement after they have already been hired. In these cases, the employee is often guaranteed a set amount of compensation during the non-compete period.


Jeremy Goldstein knows that non-compete agreements are essential, but they have to be written in the correct manner in order for them to be enforceable. For this reason, Mr. Goldstein strongly recommends that a company seek legal counsel in the drafting of an appropriate non-compete agreement.


If a non-compete agreement is too restrictive, the court will not uphold the agreement if it is challenged in court. Non-compete agreements are often dictated by state law. Each state has different laws regarding what a non-compete agreement can and cannot contain. A non-compete agreement needs to be written according to the laws of the state and the states that immediately surround it.


Businesses may experience significant lose without non-compete agreements in place. Attorneys such as Jeremy Goldstein know how to draft binding non-compete agreements that will stand up to challenge within a court of law.


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