As one of the nation’s premier angel investors within the healthcare sector, Ara Chackerian said healthcare stocks remain among the best bets for investors today. He called medical stocks “ideal” for long-term investment. Part of the reason is their adaptability to long-term trends. He also points out that healthcare makes up a robust 18% of the American economy. That’s only going to get larger, he said.

Ara Chackerian is considered by industry insiders to be among the nation’s most knowledgeable and successful investors within the healthcare industry. He has been building healthcare companies for more than two decades. He currently serves as Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings, a San Francisco-based Domestic Limited-Liability Company that invests in healthcare start-ups.

Mr. Chackerian has founded or co-founded several successful companies, including PipelineRx. This company is a provider of telepharmacy services. He also founded BMC Diagnostics, a diagnostic imaging service. Another of his success stories is TMS Health Solutions, an integrated healthcare solutions firm.

In terms of stock investments, Ara Chackerian likes what he sees in healthcare companies because they’re operating in an environment that can’t help but benefit from a growing potential that’s been building for decades. Part of what’s driving growth is the massive number of Baby Boomers coming into retirement age. This demographic is a more frequent consumer of healthcare services.

He noted that even when healthcare firms get bad press, they seem to shrug it off easily. Mr. Chackerian cited Johnson & Johnson as a recent example. The company got a lot of bad press after it lost a lawsuit over a health scare involving its baby powder product, yet stock price remained solid.

Ara Chackerian is a 2001 graduate of Florida State University. He is noted for extensive philanthropic work and deep commitment to environmental causes. Read more about Ara Chackerian: