The excitement of what’s ahead for the 10th Anniversary, but revolutionary Jeunesse Y.E.S. Global Line will explode in Orlando, Singapore, Milan, and Rio de Janeiro this fall. Designed to reignite the passion of almost two million distributors, these events are going to introduce a new avenue for Y.E.S.!

Are you a distributor now? Would you like to be? Wendy and Randy Clark, the founders and owners, are going to throw one of these spectacular parties of the decade in each of the four cities, so everyone may attend! There will be exciting, over-the-top sessions every day with spectacular celebrations every night. Get new ideas and concepts on the products and how to explain their benefits. These events are going to build your vision of the future with this outstanding company like never before! Choose whichever city you prefer, but start making plans to be there and share in the commitment and dedication that is going to be unleashed for 2020!

Jeunesse is redefining youth and expanding their reach globally with their 13 high-quality, all-natural skin and beauty products, and they will be doing it like never before in the most extravagant gatherings of the century! These will not be “business as usual” conventions. They are designed to stir up your most inner passions leading you into a new experience and future.

The entire line will be revisited, enhancing the extraordinary characteristics that have always been the basis of the Jeunesse line by restoring, energizing and bringing a youthful look and feel to men and women everywhere. When used daily, these 13 products are the foundation for beautiful skin with a youthful glow; Jeunesse at their finest. The outstanding qualities enveloped in these global products beautify, balance, protect, reduce and diminish wrinkles and flaws, restore, bring clarity to the mind, energize, strengthen the cellular structure, refresh, and revitalize while keeping the skin and joints supple and flexible. Customers live their best life ever!

All distributors are invited to one of these sensational events to rekindle and experience the passion of a next decade!