A much-needed personality like Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has enhanced the EPC industry with jaw-breaking strategies and inventions by welcoming the latest ideas to his business models.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, a native, belonging to Venezuela, received his undergraduated degrees majorly in business and economics from Massachusetts’ Suffolk University. After doing so, he returned back to Venezuela and indulged himself in the Oil industry. Passionate about his work, in no time, he mastered the control and operation of Oil and energy sector and began to broaden his horizon in the business, including various dimensions. Today, he stands out as a successful young entrepreneur with a rich portfolio worth having a glimpse at.

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Call him a business enthusiast, because he never fears to try out the most unique and innovative things in his business. As fast as technology changes, so do his stratagems. Betancourt has expanded his business in the European Union through Spain, stretching his work from South America to Africa.

Initially, Alejandro worked as a manager at a number of companies in Venezuela and America; those companies include BGB Energy, Guruceaga Group, as a commercial manager in ICC-OEO, a company based in the UK.

However, after being enough experienced in the sector of the oil and Energy industry and gaining proficiency in international trade, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez wanted to root out his own firms. He established several industries, including CTT (Technological Turbine Center). Covering the industrial realm in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, and Spain—effective implementation of technological innovations brought cheap and efficient breakthroughs in the industry. With the collaboration of other significant companies, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez enhanced training and career programs in the energy sector. He also has active participation in educational, environmental, and science and technology campaigns and projects such as STEM, ONA—National Anti-Drug Organization.

After being firm-footed in his career, Alejandro found O’Hara Administration—a foundation that deals largely with the investment in vehicles and asset management. Other projects, such as BDK and Pacific Exploration and Production, are also operating successfully under the supervision of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez. A Venezuelan with an energetic career is an inspiration for many! Read: https://thenewsversion.com/2019/09/alejandro-betancourt-lopez/