With approximately 180,000 students attending its schools, the Gwinnett County Public School, or GCPS, district is the largest school system in the U.S. state of Georgia.

In a recent article on the Interview website, Aaron Lupuloff, the senior executive director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation, explains how his organization is helping to keep the school district regularly moving forward.

One of the primary objectives for the GCPS Foundation is to raise the standards of education in the district through community involvement. The foundation was founded in 2006, and is governed by a board of trustees.

The GCPS Foundation funds scholarships and provides financial support to the district to ensure that various educational programs are operating efficiently. An experienced financial advisor, Aaron Lupuloff has put a lot of effort through the years into securing needed funding for the school district.

The Gwinnett County Public School district is widely acknowledged as an excellent, world-class system, and Mr. Lupuloff says that those schools help to build great places to live. In his opinion, people will want to help others when they realize that good schools benefit the entire community.

There are more than 11,000 teachers in the GCPS, and the GCPS Foundation seeks to encourage and empower both students and teachers.

When asked to define which personal habits help to make him productive, Aaron Lupuloff says that delivering more than was promised, and communicating with everyone around him are key to achieving success.

According to youngupstarts, with several children who graduated from the Gwinnett County Public Schools system, Mr. Lupuloff believes that a combination of parenting, leadership and teaching can help students to be successful later in life.

If he were to give any advice to someone who is just starting out in his field, Aaron Lupuloff would tell them to refuse to be diverted from a goal by other peoples’ objections.

Trying not to do too much work yourself, and being willing to ask others for help when it is needed are other traits that are recommended by Mr. Lupuloff.

In the future, Aaron Lupuloff expects that the GCPS Foundation will utilize creative methods of raising money. Through his experiences at the GCPS Foundation, Mr. Lupuloff knows that in order for the district’s schools to remain effective, they must receive consistent funding.

By investing in the schools, the community at large will benefit by producing educated, responsible citizens who will help to maintain a good quality of life in the local region. To know more about Aaron visit about.me