Rocketship Education is a network of non-profit public charter schools. They initiated there first school in 2007. Headquarters are in Redwood City, California with 21 schools spread throughout California, Washington, D.C., Nashville and Milwaukee. Core values followed are legitimacy, community, persistence, innovation and quality. Rocketship Education nurtures the relationship between teachers and parents. One way this can be observed is through the interview process in which parents take part. Interviews are completed by panel interviews or community meetings where parents can ask questions and voice their opinions of the interviewee. Curriculum is presented by means of conventional and online education.

The curriculum offered enables student to gain a higher math and reading scores. Students come from populated areas of greater poverty which tends to lack in educational resources and receive lower scores. Rocketship Education is designed to formulate and help students flourish through school and beyond. This is accomplished by teaching significant moral fiber. This is accomplished through teaching the students to handle feelings, come to a resolution in struggles and reply to aggravations in a positive way. Core curriculum values are practiced both inside and outside of the classroom. These curricula include respect, responsibility, empathy, persistence and gratitude. The core curriculum is diverse varying upon age groups from the youthful schoolchildren to the older scholars. The newer pupils will learn several areas of interpersonal development. They will learn how to distinguish feelings. Another relational skill taught is consideration for others. Making friendships is also studied by the children. An additional ability that student learn is how to be accountable for the choices that they make. The syllabus includes the subject of how to control difficult circumstances. The older student also follows interpersonal development by a series of three areas. The first area is that of learning how they behave and becoming familiar with what situations cause which behaviors. They also learn emotional states and how to handle their emotional state in a positive way. A journal is kept on both areas of behavior and feelings to help the students better prepare for the future and personal relationships with others.