The mention of Axiom venture capital is accompanied by that of its managing director and managing partner Tobias Jaeger because of his role in the industry. His success at the helm of AXIOM Venture Capital may be what many people know him. However, Tobias has been fond of establishing companies since he was still a young student at the Maastricht University, Netherlands. In fact, his passion has been the main driver to venture and grow in various industries.


Tobias Jaeger has a passion for technology and media. He first stepped into his future when he finds the Business Associates Europe, in 2007 while still at the University. His leadership and innovative skills enabled him to develop business models to help the local and international corporations in strategic consultancy services.


After he graduated from the University, Tobias decided to give a try into e-gaming. He partnered with major Poker players and developed the Strategos Poker. An online teaching platform aimed at helping the casual players to reach levels that could make them competitive and earn some income.


Tobias Jaeger also tossed his feet into another venture, Entrepreneur Academy, which helped in personality impairment through the courses. As the managing director of the academy, he offered courses for many leading entrepreneurs located in the Middle East and Europe on personal empowerment. He tapped on the techniques applied by personalities leading major corporations to success and applied them to personal development.


The year 2012 can be termed as his turning point because he was given an opportunity to venture into the entertainment industry. He began with the Swiss initiative ‘Though For Food’ where he came up with a documentary and a conference regarding the next generation leaders and their use of technology to transform the food industry. This documentary was shot in countries from different continents, including the US. It was embraced and supported by major corporations in their support for the next generation leaders.


Tobias Jaeger success in the entertainment industry helped him launch the AXIOM pictures, which became the first entertainment equity fund in Europe. After working with leading innovators, media and entrepreneurs, he developed the axiom venture capital. The AXIOM Venture Capital provides services to various industries with the aim of connecting the world entertainment, media, and corporate finance.


Tobias Jaeger as the managing director and managing partner of AXIOM Venture Capital, he was responsible for the corporate finance and the M&A advisory arms. Tobias is married and has a son in their Berlin home.


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