There are only eleven black billionaires and of these only two are women. These two are Oprah Winfrey and Isabel dos Santos. The latter woman is an Angolan businesswoman who has started companies in multiple industries. She is 45 years old and has the distinction of being the youngest black billionaire.She hasn’t had an easy to follow being a female entrepreneur in Africa.

The business world is dominated by men and so Isabel dos Santos has had to work harder and smarter than others in order to succeed. One of her roles is that of leading Unitel which is the biggest telecommunications company in Angola. Under her leadership, Unitel has brought cellular access to people across this country. Additionally, Unitel has created nearly 50,000 jobs in a poor nation (Everybodywiki).

Isabel has been recognized as a great business leader and an advocate for women around the world. Not long ago she was invited to speak in Brussels before the European Parliament. She spoke about how best to develop Africa. Among her points were that Africa needs infrastructure investment and better technical expertise. Isabel dos Santos said that these would lead to people in Africa getting jobs in the global tech industry.

She grew up in a number of different countries. Her teens were spent in the United Kingdom where she earned both her primary and secondary education. She is a graduate of Kings College and has a degree in electrical engineering. This degree has fueled her success in the telecommunications industry and other ones.

One industry that she feels could really benefit from technology in Africa is agriculture. Isabel dos Santos invests in emerging technologies for Africa since she says that farmers could really benefit from emerging technologies. She says that African agriculture can become competitive with other parts of the world by using technology to bring down production costs.

She said that another important area is stability and the rule of law. Many African nations have been very unstable which has greatly hindered them. She says that a sound legal framework will lead to a better African economy and will bring in investors.

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