Fast food as you know it is quickly changing, both for the better and for the healthier. Impossible Foods has just announced a partnership with OSI Group, the leading meat supplier to McDonalds. This decision comes at the perfect time as the popularity of the Mcdonalds Impossible Burger increases and the OSI Group needing the extra boost to get the meat supplied so that they can continue to produce this delicious menu item.

But why should you be excited about this partnership? What does it mean for OSI Group and the meals that you order from McDonalds? And what exactly is Impossible Foods? I have the answer for you right here: First, Impossible Foods is a successful company that works day and night to produce meat substitutes made out of plants. This is the same method that Burger King is using for it’s Impossible Whopper. The company is trying to encourage everyone to switch over to plant based meats and from how successful these burgers are, I would say they’re doing a great job at it.

OSI Group is a food supplying company that a lot of different fast food chains use to fill up their stock. This partnership between the two companies will not have much of an effect to the foods that you already know and love. Noting major is going to change, not right away at least. You will still be able to order the same foods that you always do, but this partnership will make sure that if you want the chance to order one of the Impossible Burgers, the fast food chain will always have the plant based meat in stock so you can do so. When a new burger like the Impossible Burger comes out, the stock sales out very quick. And the company that delivers the meat will have to restock just as much as the stores do, eventually there is no stock left to deliver. Impossible Foods will make sure that there is always stock available so that these burgers don’t have to be such a limited choice.