Some would say that Victoria Doramus has a propensity for charity. It is clear that Victoria feels that it is her duty to give back to her community, for she is currently works for four different charities. These charities include the Amy Winehouse Foundation, a foundation which was started by the friends and family of the late singer to help combat addiction in teens; Room to Read, a charity that focuses on literacy and gender equality in education for low income countries; Women’s Prison Association, an organization that looks to provide alternative solutions to prison for women; and Best Friends Animal Society which helps remove pets from kill shelters and moves them to no-kill shelters or suitable homes.

Victoria Doramus was not always a recovery expert, as listed on her LinkedIn profile, she started out in the world of digital and print media. She worked for companies such as Mindshare, Stila Cosmetics, Creative Arts Agency, and Trendera. At these companies she applied the knowledge she gained from her degree in journalism and mass communication from the University of Colorado. Now, you might be asking, how did Victoria Doramus go from digital and print media to recovery expert? Well, it was with a recovery of her own.

Victoria, from the start of her young adult life and until she was in her early thirties, struggled with addiction. Like most who are plagued with this disease she believed she could handle her addiction on her own. It wasn’t until she was 26, when she checked herself into rehab. Again like most the first trip didn’t take, nor did the second stay in rehab. After the third though, Victoria Doramus was able to start her life anew. Once sober and on her feet again Victoria decided it was time to give back, and try and help others recover like she did. With out her addiction, Victoria Doramus may never have been able to reach what she calls her “True Calling”, helping others.