Private equity is a standard way for investors to pool money for a significant project. When investment funds come from one source, the investors have more power. The Oxford Club is one of the most prominent investment clubs in the world today. The Oxford Club invests in various business ideas around the world.

With billions of dollars at their disposal, the members of the club are excited about the future. The club concentrates on developing nations. Although investing in developing countries is risky, these investments also provide a higher financial return.


South America

The Oxford Club is looking at multiple investment opportunities in South America. Over the past few years, the population of South America has significantly increased. Many people want to live in this area.

The economy of South America is booming. Many countries in South America started investing in education many years ago. The workforce is now much more productive than in the past. Companies from all over the world are moving to South America in search of cheap labor. The Oxford Club is investing in different mining and manufacturing opportunities in South America.


Real Estate

In some areas of the world, there is a notable shortage of real estate. The Oxford Club has dozens of real estate properties that generate income for the club. Some club members want to expand this real estate footprint.

The Oxford Club has numerous investment opportunities for 2018. The members of the club want to be financially responsible, but they also want to take advantage of opportunities when they appear.