OSI Group, a manufacturing company founded in Chicago Illinois, has reached an agreement with Impossible Foods to manufacture the Impossible Burger. Impossible Foods produces plant based meat and dairy products. They were founded in 2011 and have been making a name for themselves since then. This is a huge opportunity for both companies and gives California based Impossible Foods the extra manufacturing assistance they need for their award winning meatless burger. They were seeing production increases of up to three times their normal weekly output so a veteran like OSI will really help.

OSI Group has long been a major player in the manufacturing business. Created in 1909 in Chicago, the business has grow from a father and son shop to having offices in over fifteen countries and over 60 manufacturing plants. Kevin Scott, senior executive vice-president of OSI North America said this OSI Group looks forward to lending our expertise to Impossible Foods as it embarks on one of the most ambitious startups in the food industry.

He also made it clear that the partnership helps OSI continue with their commitment to sustainable food production. This is something OSI Group has become known for and remains important to them.

The Impossible Burger debuted in 2016 and ever since then the demand has been extremely high. In January of 2019 they released the Impossible Burger 2.0 which brought them even more attention. It was a very successful upgrade, increasing sales and vendors across the world.

Since its inception, Impossible Foods has worked hard to establish itself as a food-tech leader. In may they announced more fundraising efforts, to the sum of $300 million. This brings their total from their start to $750 million, a success.

The partnership between these two can only bring good things to the table, literally. Impossible Foods is also hiring new executives to help meet new demand. Former Dropbox exec Dennis Woodside is coming on as president and Sheetal Shah former Verifone executive is now senior vice president of product and operations at Impossible Foods. They are doing all they can to meet the public demand.

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