Leadership opens so many doors and opportunities that lead to even greater achievements and accomplishments. OSI Group has proven this by means of the leadership of the CEO moving the company forward by means of continued growth. By means of this commitment the OSI Group are determined to establish food production that is sustainable on all levels. The efforts that the OSI Group is making is in relation to the challenges that they have had in building upon technology that is cutting edge. Nevertheless, this innovation of being a developer of the food sector is familiar territory to the OSI Group. As a result, OSI is one of the largest producers of food in the world, its growth is remarkable from its small beginnings in Chicago to a global innovator and supplier of chain restaurants throughout the United States. Furthermore, OSI is a global counterpart that is impressive to consider as a business story. The spectacular growth continues to be felt throughout the OSI company as the CEO Sheldon Lavin, manages the major advancement of the company.

It is noteworthy to consider that in the prime of his career, Sheldon Lavin molded the OSI to embrace technologies and strategies that would enhance the overall efficiency of the company’s operations. Nevertheless, it would decrease the footprint of the environment of the operations of the company. Sustainability is at the center and core focus of the vision of the OSI Group, in which the management of the company makes various decisions regarding the operations. Moreover, to further capitalize on the traditions, the OSI establishes new techniques and strategies that support the company in facing the global need for more food production that is compatible and sustainable with the environment. OSI has continued its strong growth, its commitment to sustainable food production is a core element of why OSI is a large company and the transformation it has made over time. The progression of sustainability within OSI is an important work that continues to advance the company further. The elements and values at the core of sustainability are the very foundation that OSI holds true to in every aspect of their business and company.

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