How did Kate Hudson revolutionize the world of activewear? By developing a membership based program that sells itself as convenient, flexible, and fun. Fabletics utilizes a subscription mechanic to sell activewear to its customers. Fabletic’s unique strategy and clever positioning are reaping many benefits. Fabletics will be opening more physical locations this year. Sixteen Fabletics stores are currently open in places like Hawaii, Illinois, Florida, and California.

The secret to Fabletic’s success is their unique membership model, which offers personalized service, and trendy activewear that appeals to the fashion conscious woman of today. The prices are also very reasonable when you consider how much you can easily spend at a sporting goods store on classic heavyweight athletic brands.

Another unique feature of the Fabletics business model is their practice of reverse showrooming. Showrooming allows the consumer to browse offline, and then buy the items for cheap elsewhere.


Fabletics restructured the practice of showrooming to work in their favor through their membership program. Almost 50% of shoppers entering their physical stores are already members- add to that, another 25% that sign up for membership at the store. Every time a customer tries on an item of clothing at the store, it is automatically entered to their online shopping cart, giving them the option to purchase the item later online. Fabletic’s still makes the sale, regardless of whether the items are purchased at the physical store, or online.


What is it like to be a member at Fabletics? Take into consideration the review given by popular blogger, “A Foodie Stays Fit.” In her article reviewing Fabletics, she informs us that as a member of Fabletics, joining at a VIP level earns you your first outfit for only $25. According to her, one of the best incentives for joining Fabletics is the unique 2-3 piece outfits that are specially selected for you each month. The outfits range in price from $49-$59, and you’ll have a blast choosing your favorite styles. For the cost, the variety and quality are excellent. Compression, color, and shape retain well over time. If nothing catches your eye on a particular month- don’t stress it. You have the option to skip the month and be charged nothing.


While an average of $50 a month spent on athletic clothing might sound wasteful to some, it really is an excellent investment when you consider the amount normally spent on replacing a tired out workout wardrobe. Having fresh items consistently flowing into your closet, at a fraction of the cost you would have to spend at a high-end athletic store for just one piece, is enough to convince any conservative shopper to sign up. The $0 monthly requirement also makes Fabletics memberships completely risk-free. What are you waiting for? Take the Lifestyle Quiz today to find out which Fabletics gear is best for you!

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