The Age Of The Web Celerity

Before she was the CEO of her own company, Doe Deere was a personality on Youtube. She built up her following with makeup tutorials showing off her unique sense of style. After a few years of rising to prominence, Deere decided she needed to give her fans more than Youtube videos. This is when she had the idea to start her own line of makeup. The success she has seen has created a company with millions in revenue.



The Rise Of Lime Crime

Lime Crime, the makeup company Deere founded in 2008, quickly gained recognition for the distinct style that Deere developed. With millions looking for everything from Lime Crime lipsticks to her mascara line, it is clear that Deere is in command of her own empire. The Lime Crime audience is incredibly loyal to Deere and this extends to everything she is doing with Lime Crime.



Helping Others Blaze A Trail

As a successful business woman, Doe Deere takes it upon herself to help others who are also looking to create their own business. She has faced many challenges herself in starting her own business, and the advice she gives often deals with helping others find ways to overcome adversity. Support groups for female entrepreneurs frequently ask her to speak at major events because of the encouragement she can give. Beyond all of the profits and fame, Lime Crime is about advancing progress. There is a strong code of ethics behind the Lime Crime brand instilled by Deere.



A Strong Code Of Ethics

Doe Deere is a woman of strong principles. She does not believe she needs to put her principles aside in the name of profit, and Lime Crime reflects this devotion. To stay true to her veganism, Deere forbids the use of any animal products in Lime Crime makeup. All ingredients used are derived without any cruelty from natural resources. This commitment to animal welfare extends beyond her business practices. Deere personally donates financial contributions to charities that help shelter animals find homes. Thanks to her work, countless animals are safe from euthanasia and abusive owners.

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