Alex Pall and Drew Taggart are a pair of DJ’s that form the Chainsmokers. Formed in 2012 and debuting in 2014 at Terminal 5 in New York, the Chainsmokers have been a major success in the dance/electronic music scene, and have been making waves in other areas as well. They have released many #1 songs and albums for the dance/electronic genre, but have garnered attention from other areas of the popular music world as well with their diverse style and unafraid desire to push their music in new directions.

The Chainsmokers often release singles for free via their website. The most recent song of theirs, “Side Effects”, features regular collaborator and good friend Emily Warren on vocals. The song is described as an upbeat summer song, something more lively than their recent releases. The duo likes to write music that captures the experiences and moods they are going through at the time the songs are written. They find that they focus on slower, less upbeat tracks during the overcast, cold months of fall and winter. “Side Effects” is a summer song, in that during the summer they prefer to make more upbeat songs, which “Side Effects” falls into.

They not only like to push themselves to write personal music, but also to expand their live show for the crowd. They play a variety of venues, from small clubs with a few hundred people to big arenas with tens of thousands of people in the audience. They say they have no crowd size preferences: As long as the crowd is there with a good vibe and ready to have fun, it doesn’t matter to the Chainsmokers if there are 200 or 20,000 people listening.

Originally, the Chainsmokers’ live shows were the duo behind a pair of turntables, spinning their songs for the crowd. They have experimented with other aspects of liver performance and found them enjoyable. They play it by ear instead of planning it, but the Chainsmokers enjoy performing with a drummer and other instruments that constitute a more traditional band. Taggart even sings live at times.