The Brains behind Roc Nation Sports; Juan ‘OG’ Perez

The world was taken by surprise when the Cater couple; Jay Z and wife Beyoncé dropped their collaborated album titled everything is Love on the fourth show of their collaborated tour. The shock was because the album was not given any form of promotion before it dropped and no one was expecting it to drop when it did. Both critics and fans have taken well to the album that has proved very personal to the couple. On the sixth track on the album, the power couple pays homage to their long-lived friends and partners among them the famous couple Juan and wife Desiree Perez of Roc Nation. The couple refers to these two as real friends.

The rise of Juan ‘OG’ Perez

Juan Perez was born and bred in Harlem. Juan Perez met the famous rapper back in 1996 through the Kareem Burge, the collaborative founder of the Roc-A-Fella recording company. Juan OG Perez was paired with the rapper to manage the studios. The two developed a friendship and a partnership as well and since then and have ventured into several; businesses together. In the year 2003, Juan Perez and his long-time partner opened a sports bar by the name 40/40. This was the beginning of a powerful partnership. In the year 2013, the two launched the Roc Nation Sports Club that has since done as well as the 40/40 sports club succeeded. Since then they have opened numerous sports clubs in different parts of New York Atlanta, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Brooklyn. Other than the sports clubs, Juan Perez is also a crucial piece of the Roc Nation known to them as Roc-la-Familia. In fact, his wife, who is also close to the Caters works at Roc Nation as the COO and is the brains behind tidal. Juan is mostly involved in Roc Nation sports to which he is the president.