Tempus is a cancer-fighting data start-up in Chicago. The company is being valued at $2 billion after successfully procuring $110 million in a fundraiser that took place recently. Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of the firm. He was happy that existing and new investors joined hands to support the cause at Tempus. The corporation mainly collects and analyzes data. The findings by Tempus are mainly suited to cancer patients. With time, the corporation will also focus on utilizing its resources to treat other ailments while also ensuring that the company has a larger outreach internationally.

An Overview of Eric Lefkofsky

Tempus is working with over 50 hospitals and healthcare facilities. Because of the different breakthroughs, Tempus is being pressured to focus on other diseases expect cancer. The Tempus platform can collect clinical data, structure it, and also perform an analysis. The data is collected from patient charts that are normally stored in the electronic medical record systems. Tempus has also been sequencing the DNA of various patients and that they were able to come up with genomic data. Many physicians in the U.S. have been leveraging the technology provided by Tempus to learn more about how they could treat some of their patients who may be having a mutation that is similar to past patients.

The Tempus technology would also allow doctors to realize that some forms of therapy may be more beneficial as compared to others depending on the patient who is being treated. Physicians can also use this technology when treating neurological disorders, cardiovascular ailments, and diabetes. In the nearby future, there is a likelihood that Tempus will expand and they will set up branches in Australia, Europe, and Asia. Although the company is being pressured to focus on other diseases too, Tempus is still in the early stages of evaluating whether such an agenda is achievable depending on different factors such as the current infrastructure within the organization. The company is still set to continue with the research they have been carrying out about cancer. Since Tempus is worth over $1 billion, the organization is being referred to as a “unicorn.” The employee base within Tempus has also grown gradually since the company began to operate in 2015.