While some people may see Ted Bauman as a glorified advice columnist, other people understand the long-lasting impact that he is making on the economic market. It is true that Bauman is responsible for writing the columns Alpha Stock Alert, The Bauman Letter, and Plan B Club. All of these publications are meant to give the reader different aspects of the financial world and clues towards their own type of financial freedom. Ted Bauman specializes in asset protection, entry-level investments, and migration concerns. At Banyan Hill publishing he has proven himself to be a worthy member of the staff. He is always willing to go above and beyond in his duties and conducts extensive research to be sure that the material he provides to his readers is accurate.

Accuracy is very important to Ted Bauman. In fact, he tells an interviewer with Ideamensch.com that he takes great pride in the fact that he does all of his own research. Not only is it a cathartic experience for him, but it allows him to be certain that he has exhausted all avenues of research before posting information to his readers. He understands the gravity of his position. Readers will be taking the information that he provides to them and using it to make decisions. He wants them to have all of the facts available to them before they make some choices that could have extensive ramifications in their lives.

Ted Bauman also talks the interviewer about his discipline, motivation, and time management skills. He believes that maintaining all of these skills helps him become a better researcher and writer for his position. Time management is one of the more important skills that he uses every single day. Instead of saving the harder work for the afternoon, Bauman understands that he works harder during the daytime and prioritizes work in that window. It has been one of the best decisions he is made about his work schedule. It helps him to become better equipped to handle the next step of demands that will be placed on him as he works through the project. He finds the entire process to be invigorating and rewarding.

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