How do you personalize math lessons to best serve the student? According to Teach to One, it requires a different way to use the classroom. Gone is the model of one teacher at the front of a class reviewing a lesson to a group of students. This model was not always successful since not all students’ progress at the same rate. It did not adapt to students as individuals but rather required the students to adapt to it.

Teach to One stresses teachers working in groups. Students learn in a variety of ways including student led groups, teacher led lessons and independent learning. Even classrooms are set up differently. Instead of individual classrooms meant to hold 20-30 students, larger spaces are used. Teacher instruction is still part of the day but students are also interacting with other students and learning to work through problems together. Personalized learning is stressed. A variety of teachers, groups and instructional materials are available in the classroom in order to assist children in learning. Teachers are there to lead instruction and to direct children to the various resources available to them, reports by

According to wordpress, students are encouraged to work with all modalities and they are encouraged to be an active partner in their learning. They are also encouraged to work with others to solve complex problems as a group. They learn and progress at their own pace independently of the other students. As a result, they are more likely to remain engaged rather than bored or overwhelmed.

While it may seem arbitrary students in Teach to One do not wander from modality to modality but are directed by teachers. There is structure built into the program and regular assessments are administered to insure students are progressing. It is a new way to learn that requires a partnership between the teachers and student.