Talos Energy is a private oil and gas company based in Houston. The company mainly operates in the lower Gulf Coast of Louisiana region and in the Gulf of Mexico. The company’s management and technical team have over 70 years’ experience working in the region. Talos is known for embracing technology for its operations. It has 3D seismic data for over 33000 square miles in acreage under its portfolio. The company uses their own custom made data analysis software to optimize their drilling inventory and maximize profit from joint ventures. The company is owned by Riverstone Holdings LLC and Apollo Global Management who have both committed over $600 million in Talos Energy from 2012. Apollo Global Management is an investment manager with over $110 billion under management. It has offices in Hong Kong, Mumbai, London, New York, Los Angeles, Frankfurt and Singapore. Riverstone Holdings is a private equity firm that focusses exclusively in the energy industry. It operates the world’s biggest renewable energy fund and has assets worth over $20 billion under management.

In 2016, Talos became the first foreign oil operator in Mexico since 1938. This momentous deal came after Mexico reformed its energy industry in 2013 by changing its constitution to allow for foreign investment in the energy sector. The venture is a partnership between Talos, Sierra Oil & Gas and Premier Oil. The drilling is to be done in the Zama-1 well located in the Sureste Basin in Tabasco State. The well is estimated to hold over 100 million barrels of crude oil. Some estimates suggest the well may have up to 500 million barrels. Premier Oil, which is based in London, will finance drilling at a cost of $16 million while Talos will be in charge of operating the well. Sierra Oil & Gas owns 40 percent of the venture while Talos and Premier own 35 and 25 percent respectively. Many players in the energy industry are monitoring the proceedings at Zama-1.

Talos is growing rapidly and it is drilling new wells and acquiring companies with potential for growth. In 2013 the company acquired ERT (Energy Resource Technology) from Helix Energy Group at a cost of $620 million. The newly acquired asset added high quality oil fields to Talos’ portfolio.