When it comes to psychological therapy, the cost can be out of range for most people who are in need of it. With the Talkspace app, users can be connected with one of thousands of mental health professionals who are part of the network for a reasonable subscription fee. All communication with the therapists is done online through texting, voice messaging and video chat. After an initial assessment, a new patient is assigned a primary therapist who will work with them through the app anytime a session is needed. Read more reviews on talkspace at indeed.com

Talkspace takes the stigma of having to access mental healthcare services away, since no office visits are needed, and the client’s personal information is kept confidential in the same way that it would have to be in a traditional setting, due to the fact that the therapists have to abide by the same client confidentiality codes that everyone in this profession has to adhere to. Since its founding in 2012, Talkspace has grown to have around 5,000 mental health specialists in its database who are always available to communicate with patients.

Being that the business has recently received more funding from investment and healthcare companies, it will now be able to reach more people who can benefit greatly from this innovative and alternative therapy option. Talkspace is based out of New York, and it was founded by Oren and Roni Frank, a married couple who came up with the idea after participating in and observing the effects that group therapy had on those who were in need of marriage counseling. The low-cost mobile therapy app, which can be used anytime and at anyplace, has helped thousands of clients all over the world live happier lives by getting them focused on relieving stress, and teaching them how to deal with anxiety, depression and many other mental issues.

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