Talkspace was created with the modern lifestyle in mind and makes it convenient to get therapy. Talkspace has its newest members take a questionnaire that helps to match the bets therapist to each client. They take in to account such things as the needs, goals, and situation into account and they will match the client with three of the best matches so that the choice of therapist is on the hands of the client ultimately. Talkspace is also affordable and has a flexible monthly payment plan to make it possible to afford it no matter what the budget.

Michael Phelps is just one of the clients who sought out Talkspace to help him through some of his most difficult times. He has struggled with depression and anxiety for many years, and the decision to get professional help made all the difference in his life. He feels that it takes courage to get help and it is not a sign of weakness.

Oren Frank is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Talkspace, and he founded the online therapy platform in 2012. It has helped a million people since then and continues to help people to work through their problems and in their timeframe and schedule. 70% of the people who have used Talkspace have never been to therapy before for various reasons and have been able to overcome many issues from eating disorders to addiction. Talkspace also helps people to get long-term control over other problems in their lives such as post-traumatic stress disorder, personality, and anxiety.

Frank wants to make therapy accessible to all who need it and Talkspace has had helped to live a life free from disorders, and Talkspace addresses all aspects of disorders and treats disorders according to the urgency of the situation. Just because it is a different way of accessing therapy does not mean that they do not take issues any less seriously. Any and every one can benefit from the services that Talkspace provides, and it is a much easier way to get help in the age of technology that we all live in.