Talking about mental health can be difficult. There often isn’t much time for someone to listen to your entire rant that they can’t relate to. Many of us depend on our family and friends to give us expert advice. This can be hard for them as they are not trained to give professional solutions. We become lost and opt to keep our problems to ourselves. This is where Talkspace has entered the arena of mental health issues and turned things around. Millions of users are getting their questions answered and finding relief through the new platform. Learn more about the organization of Talkspace at

With a quick download to your phone, the Talkspace application has you in touch with a mental health professional faster than your insurance can match you. Further, you don’t need insurance to get on the platform. Users have been paying a small fee of $49 a week to start their adventure of meeting their new therapist via text. It’s all seems a bit unbelievable at first, but you quickly find out this is real and you are talking to someone trained in mental health issues. You conversations are private and you can change therapists when you want.

Talkspace offers the best platform for users to change their lives in an instant simply by talking to someone who can give them ideas on how to turn their hectic worlds around. Mental health is crippling and many users using the platform know that time is everything. Talkspace gives users the ability to write down thought shared with their therapist in their own space. There is no pressure to fill out documents or added paperwork. Users want help and that’s it. Many need to voice their opinions and have someone hear what they are thinking. They now can do this with Talkspace sitting in their pocket and their therapist only a text away.

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