Sussex Healthcare is a caregiving facility that offers the best caregiving services in the world currently. The company was started in 1985 in South Coast England. For years, it has been offering the best service in the industry which include services to the older adults and those in need of specialized care.

People suffering from neurological conditions, mentally disabled and those with learning disabilities are some of the people who get services in this company. For over two decades, the company has made a mark in the industry by offering the best services that are available out there. No other company can offer the level of services that Sussex Healthcare does. The company currently have 20 homes all which are dedicated to caregiving. Currently, it as a bed capacity of over 600.


Sussex Healthcare is one of the companies that appreciate the need for having top quality services. In their homes, they do not accept mediocre services. All employs must adhere to strict regulations which guide the industry. They must show respect to the resident as they offer services. Workers are normally picked among nurses who have training in the medical background. However, apart from that, workers must show commitment to work. They must have passion for the work they are doing.

Taking care of people with special needs can be hard, and therefore, passion and love for the job is something that no worker can do without. Sussex facilitates training of the workers to ensure that they have the necessary skills to accomplish their tasks. For instance workers in the gym facilities need to know which exercises are supposed to address a particular issue.

Sussex has set a track record of offering the best diets to their residents. They have employed skilled chefs who can prepare foods which meet the nutrition needs of the residents. Nutrition is key to good physical health. However, it is good to note that Sussex Healthcare does not only offer physical health services. They recognize that there is more to caregiving than physical health. Residents need to be taken through recreational and leisure activities. Caregiving is about giving the residents a good feeling of life.

Sussex Healthcare has appointed a new CEO known as Amanda Morgan-Taylor who is going to lead the company starting 2018. She is an experienced expert in healthcare management, and he has been brought in to facilitate the growth of the company.

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