Sussex Healthcare has been supplying older persons with in-depth assistance for more than 20 full years now. It runs out of the southern region of England in the United Kingdom. Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani are the two Chairmen who run the show at Sussex Healthcare. They’ve contributed to the business through their experiences and abilities. Sachedina is a dental surgeon who knows so much about the healthcare universe. Boghani, on the other hand, is a hospitality management powerhouse. He has substantial experience handling hotels of all varieties.

Sussex Healthcare’s debut center was introduced to the world back in the middle of the eighties. The firm presently runs 20 plus centers in total. It’s at the helm of residences that offer complete care to people. It’s at the helm of a daycare center and fitness studio as well. Sussex Healthcare focuses on elderly individuals who have conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It focuses on people who are not yet elderly as well. It concentrates on looking after people who have cognitive troubles. It regularly works with people who have all kinds of neurological issues. The firm runs centers that accommodate individuals who require substantial assistance. It simultaneously runs centers that cater to individuals who have restricted requirements.

The caregivers who work for this company day in and day out are 100 percent devoted. They do whatever it takes to support the people who make up its base. The employees who work for Sussex Healthcare get access to all kinds of distinctive continuing education opportunities. They get access to significant training chances as well. Sussex Healthcare understands that human beings all get a lot out of recreational, social and leisure openings. The Sussex Healthcare team works hard to give its many residents well-rounded and rewarding daily lifestyles no matter what.

The company’s residences have adept chefs working for them. They have adept staff members working for them in general. These chefs provide residents with healthy and well-rounded meals every single day of the week. They also customize meals that are suitable for residents who have certain dietary requirements.

Sachedina is a native of Tanzania’s Dar-es-Salaam. He’s a person who adores helping the people who make up the Ismaili world. Boghani is an impressive entrepreneur who does a lot of work for the Splendid Hotel Group. This group handles more than 20 different United Kingdom hotels. It handles the Conrad London St. James, too.

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