Fortress Investment Group is a global investment management firm that was co-founded by Randal Nardone, Wesley Edens, Peter Briger, Michael Novogratz and Robert Kauffman in 1998. The firm is based in New York City and currently has around $44 billion in investment assets and nearly 1800 private and institutional investors. The company went public in February 2007; at that time, it was the first private equity firm to be publicly traded in the U.S. Investments range from real estate, private equity, hedge funds and credit funds. Upon going public, Randal Nardone joined Forbes list of millionaires with his net worth of around $1.8 billion at number #557. Randal Nardone received a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree in Biology and English from the University of Connecticut and received his law degree from Boston University.

He began practicing law at ThacherProffitt& Wood, where he was one of over 350 practicing attorneys. Nardone soon realized that he was attracted to the finance world. He held positions with BlackRock Financial and then with UBS, a leading Swiss multi-national investment and financial services institution. After yearning to have a controlling position in the financial industry, Nardone cofounded Fortress Investment Group. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer overseeing high level legal and financial issues. Recently, the management team sold a minor portion of the company worth $890 to Nomura, a Japanese-based investment firm.

Nardone has continued his entrepreneurial ways and has devoted a lot of time to other ventures as well as being a board member of many organizations where he advises them on how to increase wealth and gain market share. Randal Nardone is the current Principal of Fortress Credit Corporation and the President and Chairman of Springleaf Financial. Nardone also has served as Director at Aircastle Limited, a successful company that acquires and leases aircraft to high-profile individuals. He is also involved with New Media Investment Group, SeaCube Container Leasing and Gagfah.

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