Avengers: Endgame has achieved a great deal of success in a very short amount of time. Within only 11 days, the film has achieved the near impossible and went right past the $2 billion mark in its entire gross. The very first day of the film’s release, Endgame was able to hit $156.7 million. Marvel’s franchise as a whole is an enormous success with general audiences.


Studios where certain Academy of Art University alumni are working with and that have provided their contribution to the film Endgame include Industrial Light & Magic (Megan Dolman), Double Negative (Ioanna Mailli), Weta Digital (Scott Brisbane and Vanessa Cook), Framestore (Heriyanto Tio), Cinesite (Anuj Anand), and Digital Domain (Matt Smith and Jan Philip Cramer). Each of these alumni have contributed to the production of Avengers: Endgame. How they did so depends on their area of expertise. Toanna Mailli is an FX Technical Director, Anuj Anand holds a position as a Compositor, and so does Matt Smith as a department Supervisor. Jan Philip Cramer lent their creative talent as the ever coveted title of Animation Director, Megan Dolman is an accomplished digital artist, Ioanna Mailli is a Technical Director, and the list goes on.

How each area of expertise is applied to a student’s career is limited only to the imagination of the student. At Academy of Art University, the school tries its absolute best to ensure that students are matched up with only their own areas of interest. The sky is the limit, when it comes to where a student can explore their own creative talent at AAU.

There are currently 21+ main areas of study. Many of them can be applied to the film industry, even if a student is not directly studying film. Just use these creative alumni as an example and you get a greater understanding of just how flexible an artistic career truly can be.

Academy of Art University provides a unique take on the typical hands-on way of learning. Not only are students learning from some of the most accomplished professionals in the industry, they also work with some of the most high tech equipment on the market to date. Be it camera equipment, editing software, computers, tablets, etc. AAU provides only the best film equipment for students who attend in person for their classes in the San Francisco Bay.