The world has changed over the decades, and today, life is full of many different things to think about, from all kinds of different distractions and fun things as well as commitments and things that must be done. This can make it difficult for both students and parents when it comes to schooling, as it is hard to stay on track and stay positive. For a very long time, involvement from parents was minimal and difficult, especially for those who are busy with errands and working. Class Dojo is a platform that was developed to greatly improve on the available communication that parents are able to have as well as teachers and students. Day in and out all three parties can remain in contact to ensure the best experience possible.

Class Dojo is unlike most other educational platforms to date in the fact that it mainly works by improving communication and allowing parents, teachers, and students to stay connected. This is important because it improves on the confidence of students and makes them want to actively participate in their schooling. It also goes a long way in improving behavior, since parents can check in on their progress day to day to see how they are doing in the classroom. The platform has different boards for students and teachers to post on in order to save memories or special moments that happen in the classroom. All that is needed is an acceptable device, such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and a working internet connection.

The company has managed to come quite far and grow extensively over the relatively short period of time that it has been around, and they plan to continue to spread their reach even further in the future. This is also helped with their growth mindset videos, which is a video series which teachers basic principles and learning ideas to students to help them learn on an even greater level.

Also, being completely free and compatible with dozens of languages as well as most devices, almost everyone can get involved with this innovative tool for education.