It is difficult to fathom how many good ideas have been stomped out in history when a creative thinker was discouraged. After a single failure or a negative assessment from a friend or colleague, the creative thinker might begin to think that she is not good enough for the industry.

Marc Sparks felt like that several times throughout the development of his wildly successful career. Success is not without trials. Some might even argue that defeat is a precondition to success. In the case of Marc Sparks, he faced defeat several times and ultimately treated it as a learning experience. Today, he uses his struggles as an opportunity to teach others who might be in the same position.

They Cannot Eat You

That is the provocative title of his book. This venture-capitalist pointed out that even when the struggling entrepreneur is at the bottom with no way to escape, she can take solace in the fact that it could be worse.

Remain Focused On The Goal

A few of the impediments of the creative mind are laziness and distraction. Unfortunately, it can be too easy for even the best entrepreneur to become distracted by everything else that is going on her life. She might be the type of person to have a few great ideas and then become bored with them. Sparks argues that she can overcome this stigma by simply remaining focused on her ultimate goal.

Sometimes little stress factors can get in the way and suddenly that big project has been on hold for over a month. But by keeping in mind her end-goal and what she hopes to achieve through this project, she could find the drive necessary for success.

Work On Presentation Skills

While public speaking is one of the most feared events of one’s life, it is also one of the most treasured skills to possess. The person who can win over a crowd or persuade an individual will be a successful entrepreneur. When an entrepreneur knows that people want to hear what she has to say, she will remain motivated to complete the task at hand despite the obstacles.