Southridge Captial LLC is a company stationed in Connecticut that provides globally innovative financial solutions. They dedicate their efforts to helping individuals and large businesses grow and secure their future with their advising and financing services. Southridge’s executive team has a broad range of knowledge that centers around the marketplace and executing financial plans for their clients. And, through the company’s online platform, clients interested in their work can learn more about the services offered, the team of professionals, and the reasonable fees they charge. Furthermore, Southridge provides support throughout the community by promoting volunteer work and leadership, connecting the firm to its clients.

One essential service Southridge Capital offers to clients is advisory assistance; the work includes financial analysis, balancing spreadsheet optimization, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring analysis, bankruptcy advice, and legal settlements. Through the advisory system, the company helps clients dealing with debt and other problems associated with debt. The company also assists in financing businesses. Since their start in 1996, Southridge has financed over 250 public companies and has given $1.8 billion to grow companies globally. Their system of financing includes securitization, credit-enhancing, financing solutions, and EPA. Through these divisions of work, the team of financial professionals assures clients will receive accurate work, reaping the benefits of their investment. For more details you can visit


Founder and CEO of Soutridge Capital LLC, Steven Hicks, enables growth in the business through his knowledge and credentials in the field. Having a B.S. in Business Administration from King’s College in New York and MBA from Fordham University, Hick maintains his businesses relevance by keeping up with historical trends and current threads. In doing so, it enables him to make positive investments for his company and his clients. Hick ensures strong returns to his clients by making sure his investments are on track for portfolio goals because they are his priority. Furthermore, Hick also advises other investors to take his advice and ideas with staying current. Currently, he believes there is a rise in potential with cryptocurrency and legal marijuana sales and foretells that investing in them will be beneficial to his company and others soon. You can checkout for more informations.


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