SERGEY PETROSSOVBeing successful means being proactive and being proactive means being skillful, creative, and willing to do the work. Sergey Petrossov provides an excellent example of how to acquire a schema, recognize an opportunity, and then proactively take advantage of it.


Everything that you bring to the table, training, observations, the way you think, your experiences, and all your opinions are stored in a structure called schema. For Petrossov his schema includes a move across the United States from California to Florida, and a higher education at the University of Florida. He knew that he wanted to be involved with technology at the corporate level. Upon graduation, he co-founded an educational technology company, Federal System of Distance Education, which is still operating.


After accepting an invitation from an acquaintance to take a private flight, Petrossov became engaged in a conversation concerning private jets and their potential use. He made note of the process of booking a flight and everything necessary to board it. The industry had barely tapped the resources available to bring the private transportation sector into the 21st century.

Petrossov found that there were just as many private flights scheduled daily as there were commercial flights. While there are about 17,000 private planes around the world, they rarely fly to capacity. Pondering these huge inefficiencies, he began to put together a plan.

Making It Happen

Sergey Petrossov took six months to explore a solution to these inefficiencies and came up with a lucrative service, JetSmarter. He built a prototype application for friends and other frequent flyers to use as a test run. He experienced success in less than 30 minutes. Investors were lined up to help launch an actual application and provide the service to everyone who could afford it.


Over six years later, JetSmarter is growing in client participation and is branching off into travel-related areas like luxury ground transportation and accommodations. Petrossov is aiming to create an entire community based on travel and luxury living.