Sergey Petrossov might still be a young entrepreneur; however, he is far from green. His company, JetSmarter, is already disrupting the way the private jet travel industry operates. In addition to this, he has his sights set on the commercial industry as well. Even though private jet travel might sound like something that is limited to the super-rich and the ultra-wealthy, this is changing quickly. The price of commercial jet travel is already dropping and, soon, it might be something that is accessible to those who fly business class. Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter did this by targeting an anachronism in the way people book a private jet flight.

Sergey PetrossovFound the Idea from his First Private Flight

Sergey Petrossov got the idea from JetSmarter during his first ride on a private jet. He was still new to the business world at the time and was invited to fly on a private jet by someone he knew. Most people would be floored by the experience of flying on the luxury of a private jet; however, Sergey Petrossov was instead struck by something else. He couldn’t believe how difficult it was to book a private jet. Someone had to physically call to book the flight. Then, that person had to physically sign papers. Finally, someone could actually set foot on the plane. Petrossov set out to change this.

A Novel Mobile App

Sergey Petrossov wanted to change how people book a private jet flight. To do this, he designed a mobile app. Now, instead of having to physically call to book a flight, individuals are able to book a flight from their phone. This streamlines the process of booking a private jet and has made it more accessible to a larger group of people. Because of this, Petrossov and JetSmarter already have a significant chunk of the private jet travel market. It will be exciting to watch this company continue to grow.