As the founder and CEO of JetSmarter, a mobile private flight booking and sharing app, Sergey Petrossov is quite a renowned name in the aviation sector. Even while being only 30 years old, Petrossov has established such a revered reputation for himself that is hard to come by at a young age. It is because JetSmarter is not your ordinary app. It lets you book chartered flights right through the app. And once you are done with the process, you could even start sharing your flights with others who want to travel to the same destination around the time you want to be flown.

The process also works both ways for those who are looking for a private flight and find one that is being flown to a destination of your choice. Sergey Petrossov built JetSmarter with a vision to make chartered flights more efficient, and that is what the company’s current business model provides to its customers. While private flights are also available, customers have to cover the costs to some extent. But through flight sharing, they could get the same experience of luxury and comfort without having to pay higher costs.

According to Sergey Petrossov, this fulfills the company’s vision of making chartered flights more accessible to more people. Usually, people who only need one or two seats often have to pass up a chartered flight in favor of flying commercial. But through flight sharing, they don’t have to worry about footing the bill for the whole jet when they only need a couple of seats on it. They could book a flight and put it up for sharing, and have others join in the favor of efficiency and comfort.

Through this business model of sharing economy, Sergey Petrossov has ensured that a large number of JetSmarter customers have access to affordable flying, while also ensuring the deliverance of luxury and comfort. This method of striking a balance between luxury and efficiency sets JetSmarter apart from many other companies out there. And the level of service that it maintains only makes it a frontrunner for private aviation booking providers.