In early 2016, Securus released a detailed report to point out the inaccuracies of the information published by GTL regarding the impending lawsuit at the Texas federal court. Securus clarified that GTL will not be able to seek compensation to cover the alleged damages since the case is yet to have a verdict in a court of law. It also stated that the reported 816 patent that GTL claims is validated is yet to be verified by the jury. According to GTL, Securus violated a key security regulation by using their video visitation monitoring technology. Securus corrected the information by assuring the public that GTL does not own a video visitation technology. Securus added that the PTAB did not clarify the GTL technology to be patentable.



They revealed that they were confident the jury would impose a fair trial and judgment based on the case and evidence presented by both parties. Securus denied the claim that the court hearing was set for rehearing in a few months and stated that the case was yet to be dated, hence confirming that the rehearing would take place the following year. According to the misleading report by GTL, Securus has a pattern of settling accusations from some business partners outside the court. Securus explained that it favors solving its cases outside the court to avoid the expensive financial costs incurred by a tedious court procedure.