Glenn Schlossberg has captivated and won over many in the racing community because of his passion for racing, something that he says gives him the most pleasure. Schlossberg, CEO of Jump Design Group, is very proud of his success with the women’s fashion.

Schlossberg says he has always been a ‘motorhead.’ He has become quite infamous on the local racing circuit, because of his collection of cars and his drive to push the limits in racing. According to Schlossberg, he had the driving bug before he was even old enough to drive. The best way for Glenn to unwind is to race his many sports cars from his collection at the Monticello Motor Club, just outside of Manhattan. The Monticello is an elite club however and intended to have the memberships of the wealthiest motor heads in and around New York.

Aside from family, friends and maybe a shot of Johnnie Walker, Schlossberg says the one thing that brings him the most pleasure is racing. His taste in racing has been described as refined, exquisite; and his reputation as notorious.

Aside from his passion for racing, Glenn Schlossberg also runs a tight business. By keeping production costs down and his company local to both New Jersey and New York respectively, Schlossberg uses the most state of the art technology to run his business. He claims the fastest turn-arounds from concept design to the sales floor. In fact, his racing experience has been the key to helping Schlossberg to cut the necessary corners in his business dealings to be successful.

According to, Gary Schlossberg is the epitome of successful entrepreneur who enjoys his life to the fullest. Turning designs around within only a few weeks, keeps his competitive womenswear fashions ahead of the rest. From juggling business meetings, which can include both design and production team meetings, Schlossberg is also able to travel internationally and keep up that fast paced schedule. His love of racing helps him keep up pace with the breakneck schedule.

Thanks to Glenn Schlossberg, many entrepreneurs can learn that you have to be able to escape the business life. You should have a meditation to create a boost and spark innovation. O know more about Glenn visit