sam sotoodeh 3Sam Sotoodeh recently grabbed the headlines after purchasing the News & Observer downtown building from McClatchy for a whopping $22 million. Conducted on behalf of his company, the Acquisition Group, the seasoned entrepreneur exudes confidence and ambition to embark on a grand expansion program. McClatchy aims at diverting the profits toward business reinvestment and repurchasing debt.

According to the detailed transaction, the News & Observer building will be transformed into two floors situated in downtown Raleigh and in One City Plaza. Such unique locations are aimed at providing the community with unrestricted access to local digital journalism with a keen focus on public interest. With the current construction of the City Plaza space, the News & Observer building expeditiously signed a temporary lease contract with the Acquisition Group to discharge duties at its current headquarters.

While addressing a congregation of journalists, Sara Glines, the News & Observer’s President, hailed the recent switch to the downtown Raleigh Office space based on its unique capacity to promote collaboration, flexibility and fostering easier engagement with the community. More importantly, the strategic partnership with Sam Sotoodeh and his seasoned team helped realize the vision.

As the President of the Acquisition Group, Sam Sotoodeh didn’t hesitate to hail McClatchy’s talented team and looked forward to ensuring more development investments to complement the newly acquired downtown Raleigh.

Future Plans

In the wake of the recent substantial investment, Acquisition Group has pulled all the stops to publicize the company’s next plans which entailed the construction of an ultra-modern hotel that included apartments, stores, and offices. Despite the constant buzz regarding the building’s current objective, Sam Sotoodeh reiterated the need to exercise patience as opposed to making hasty decisions.

The Acquisition Group’s Profile

The Acquisition Group is widely considered to be a leading investment consultancy enterprise specializing in assisting businesses improves their organizational performance by harnessing the best techniques and tools to generate substantial sales. Based on the consistent delivery of high-quality services and professional workmanship, the company has cultivated an exceptional reputation and served prominent clients such as Reliance, Chase Paymentech and much more.

Unknown to most people, the company strives at harnessing human resource functions and excellent marketing strategies to gain a competitive edge to cut down on costs and save time. Such strategies play an essential role in ensuring that businesses concentrate on their core duties.

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