Ryan Seacrest has proven himself a good guy. His foundation’s recent partnership with Highlights for Children, Inc. cements that image. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation recently collaborated with Highlights to make the magazine’s podcast available to children’s hospitals across the nation.

The podcast, Highlights Hangouts, is now available to patients in two initial hospitals including Children’s Hospital of Orange County (California) and Children’s National Medical Center in Washington D.C. More hospitals across the nation are planned to offer the podcast as well (Facebook).

Fran Greenman-Schmitz, a partnership vice president at Highlights, said in a press release the collaboration is a way for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation to continue its mission of creating a positive and lasting impact of children’s lives.

The Highlights Hangouts podcast is the magazine’s spoken-word product used to expand its mission of “engaging, delighting and fostering joyful learning.” Each episode includes 20 minutes of content from Highlight’s transformed into an audio version with the help of hosts like Grammy Award Winner Tim Kubart and improvisation artist Juanita Anderson. Ryan Seacrest included in the podcast are a number of Highlight favorites such as Goofus and Gallant, Ask Arizona, The Hidden Sound Game and listener-submitted HangMail, which includes jokes, tongue twisters, poems and questions answered by National Public Radio’s Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz. In addition to the Highlights initiative, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation has introduced what are called Seacrest Studios in places like Children’s Hospital Colorado since the foundation’s inception in 2009.

These multimedia broadcast centers are in children’s hospital across the nation and earned Ryan Seacrest a Variety´s philanthropist of the year award. The centers allow patients to explore what it’s like to be a disc jockey or a television interviewer. Patients can also see live performances from stars like Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake. Ryan Seacrest told Variety that the media centers allow him to exploit his vast network of contacts for the good of children who need it.
More about Ryan´s awards at https://www.instagram.com/ryanseacrest/?hl=en