Rebel Wilson will be starring in the upcoming movie, Isn’t It Romantic, scheduled to be released by Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema on February 13th, 2019, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Isn’t It Romantic revolves around Wilson’s character Natalie, an Australian architect working in New York City. She tries everything she can to get noticed at her firm, but her dreams of becoming the next Frank Lloyd Wright are thwarted at every turn as her duties are relegated to doing mundane jobs, such as delivering coffee and bagels to her co-workers and superiors.

Natalie’s life takes a dramatic turn one day when she tries to stop a mugger in one of New York City’s seedy subway stations. But while fleeing the scene of the crime, she gets hit on the head and knocked out. When she wakes up she finds herself in a fantasy world of romance and comedy, a virtual ‘movie’ where love always prevails in the end and the couples live happily ever after. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Rebel Wilson Reveals Character Isn’t Romantic Wears Clothes Fashion Line | Daily Mail

For most people this would seem like a dream come true. For Natalie though, it’s a nightmare. She always been cynical about the concept of love, having watched more than her share of romantic comedies and believing they were just fantasy. But in this new dream world, she finds herself as the leading lady.

Also starring in this PG-13 movie-inside-a-movie are Liam Hemsworth as Blake, one of Natalie’s two love interests and a client of the architecture firm where she works, Adam DeVine as Josh, her best friend and her other love interest, Brandon Scott Jones as Donny, her neighbor and gay sidekick, Betty Gilpin as Whitney, an assistant and another best friend, Priyanka Chopra as Isabella, a yoga ambassador, Tom Ellis as a doctor, and Jennifer Saunders as Natalie’s mother.

Some history about Rebel Wilson:

Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson was born on March 2nd, 1980 in Sydney, Australia, and trained at the Australian Theatre for Young People. After graduating in 2003, she worked on the The Wedge, a sketch comedy series, and appeared as Toula in the Special Broadcasting Service comedy series Pizza. Five years later she wrote, produced and starred in the musical comedy Bogan Pride.

Some of her contributions to the film industry include What to Expect When You’re Expecting, A Few Best Men, and Struck by Lightning, which garnered her a spot on Variety magazine’s “Top Ten Comics to Watch for 2011”.

She has won numerous awards, beginning with the Tropfest Best Actress Award in 2009 for her role in Bargain, and later a Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actress and the MTV Best Breakthrough Performance Award for starring as Fat Amy in the musical comedy Pitch Perfect film series.

Wilson’s film credits also include Pain and Gain, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, Grimsby, How to be Single, and Small Apartments.

Two little known facts about Rebel Wilson:

She’s allergic to dogs, but didn’t realize it until after she moved out of the house she grew up in, even though it was overflowing with beagles. She’s a distant relative of Walt Disney through Walt’s wife, Lillian.

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