Technology has affected every aspect of the individuals within the society. One of the areas that have been affected by the technology within the organization in business. For instance, industry is forced by technology to change the mode of doing business. Notably, individuals are opting to shop through online rather than physically visiting the stores and other outlets. E-commerce is the game changer since customers such as individuals and business can interact in the comfort of their homes and conduct business. An example of an online platform that is offering customers the opportunity of shopping in comfort is RealReal. The application of RealReal enables the customers to view the products on offer and get the features as well as pricing. To achieve the interaction between the clients and the products on the element, the application uses the platform of Instagram.

As one goes through the Instagram platform of RealReal, many products are catchy to the eye. One of the products that I came across on the Instagram platform of RealReal is the Chanel bag. Unlike in other online platforms dealing with selling of the Channel bag, it’s only the RealReal that has genuine products. As a result of the sale of quality products through the online platform, the company RealReal has become of the organization experiencing robust growth. For instance, in the previous year, the company generated more than $100 million in sales in 2017. The company boasts of providing its clients with authentic luxury goods weeding out counterfeit and fakes within the market. The issue of counterfeit goods has affected business significantly. Thus to deal with the menace of bogus, RealReal has adopted a no-fake policy making it possible for the company to experience robust growth in terms of sales. For all the lovers of genuine and luxurious products, it is essential to check out the Instagram platform of RealReal.