California based food maker Impossible Foods is a food company that plans to change traditional foods into something completely different. Their name says it all. They do the impossible. They have set their eyes on creating a meatless burger. Many people may wonder how will they do this. Many people may question the taste, appearance, texture and feel of a burger made of no meat. But joining with a partner like OSI Group has positioned Impossible Foods to do the impossible with creating a burger made of no meat. Protein ingredients is what will make the Impossible Burger special. Protein ingredients will make the Impossible Burger be completely different from any other burger.

The ingredients will give the burger the needed protein it needs in order to be a burger. Yet, these ingredients are non-meat making the burger completely wholesome. This is a grand undertaking. It will take a lot of skill and work to create a meatless burger. OSI Group is very selective about business partners. They have a one hundred year old reputation to protect. They have many assets to safeguard. Thus, they are careful with who they enter into agreements with. Impossible Foods has proven to be a reliable business partner. The short term and long term plans for the Impossible Burger has been established between the two companies. The Impossible Burger will change the course of sales and success for both food makers.

OSI Group is elated to join into an agreement with a company that will help them fulfill their vision for sustainability and accountability. OSI Group will use their facilities in the United States to create the Impossible Burger. The plan is to get the Impossible Burger into grocery stores across America. Both companies are working diligently and using the approaches machinery to create the Impossible Burger and get it in front of customers. OSI Group has done the marketing and researched. Therefore, they know the exact person who will be purchasing this meatless burger. Many customers are awaiting this burger. This partnership stands to make both OSI and Impossible Foods a lot of money. Learn More.