Only two years after a German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky arrive in the United States, in 1909 and opened his meat market outside of Chicago. Because of his enormous success, he was able to grow and start in the wholesale of meats in another suburb of the Windy City in 1917. In 1928 his company became Otto & Sons. Over time, his business created a high level of trust and quality within the community. Otto & Sons was the first supplier of meat for the very first McDonald’s. Ray Croc opened the McDonald’s in 1955 in Illinois. During the 1960s, preservation of meats and foods introduced at a whole new level in the quality of freshness in the food industry.

Kroc offered for Otto & Sons to be one of the five meat suppliers for McDonald’s and they accepted. On the Westside of Chicago in 1973, Otto & Sons opened their first large plant. They equipped themselves with the latest technology for the preservation of meat. Glenmark was the name for a separate unit for anything that was not related to McDonald’s operations during that same period. , and Otto & Sons became OSI Industries in 2011. Throughout the 90s and 2000s, OSI Food Solutions partnered and created many ventures and subsidiaries. They acquired companies in the United States and moved some of their plants to China and continuously expanded their enterprise.

Even up until 2016, OSI Food Solutions still put money into other capital, like Bho Food from the Netherlands. OSI Food Solutions plants are throughout the west and Midwest in the United States. They do have many other facilities in nearly 20 countries throughout the world. They are suppliers to top fast food chains like Subway, Starbucks and Pizza Hut. OSI Food Solutions has gained many awards and accolades for health, safety, and environmental awareness. They became under the top 200 largest private companies in the United States worth $3billion by Forbes in 2011. Only five short years later, they were near the top 50 of Forbes’ largest companies worth more than double.