OSI Food is an American food processing company and has been in business for several generations. It is a privately held entity and one of the largest such companies in the world. The company was established with the entrepreneurial spirit and that spirit still exists today. The company philosophy is that each person can make a difference and the future of the company tests squarely with attracting the brightest and best the world has to offer. OSI Food Solutions offers a climate and culture that supports each person and inspires them to be the best. The company allows and encourages each person to grow to their best potential and beyond.

OSI Food Solutions is on the lookout for those who are new to the right industry or have years of experience under their belt. They are an equal opportunity employer and offer opportunities to anyone who wants to find a place within a company that is continually growing and prospering. OSI offers the opportunity to help develop manufacturing and supply chain solutions to custom fit client needs. There is no challenge to big or to small for OSI and their team to take on and assist clients in growing their own companies

The company largely depends on expanding its customer base by providing food solutions that work well for customers. They have furthered their reach by acquiring several other food processing and food distribution companies. One such acquisition was Baho Foods. The Dutch company was focused on manufacturing convenience foods, snacks and deli meats. With the addition of Baho, OSI Food Solutions was able to expand their base in Europe. The strength of Baho Foods compliments OSI perfectly and enhances the profile and portfolio of both companies. Baho has entities that include processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany and serves customers in more than 18 countries in Europe.

Another acquisition for OSI Food Solutions is Flagship Europe. This particular company is a supplier of frozen poultry, pies, as well as sauces and dressings and mayonnaise primarily to the United Kingdom market. Prior to OSI acquiring Flagship, they acquired Calder Foods, which has a focus on dips, mayonnaise, sauces and marinades and sandwich fillings.. This acquisition gave OSI Food Solutions an additional client base and a stronger position in the food distribution market. This will allow OSI to better serve clients with a broader range of food solutions. The acquisition S have served to support OSI Food growth, as well as success.

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