Oren Frank co-founded Talkspace together with his wife in 2012 with the aim of providing “Therapy for all.” Early in his marriage, Oren Frank together with his wife had to undergo therapy which ended up saving their marriage. After experiencing the benefits of therapy firsthand, he realized the importance of getting psychotherapy whenever the need for it arises. With the idea at hand, he tackled it the same way he addresses all ideas that come his way. He cultivated and criticized the idea in an empathic and constructive manner which finally led to what is now Talkspace. Since then, he has been serving as the CEO of the company by using the online and mobile space to promote mental healthcare.

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Having worked with other businesses and also gained experience from his own entrepreneurial journey, Oren Frank encourages people to take up moderation as a way of boosting their productivity. The extreme work culture advocated for in many industries is destructive to people and makes them less productive. Another way he has managed to remain productive is by switching off all notifications on his iPhone. Boosting productivity also becomes easier when someone understands their inherent biases as a result of how they process information. He, therefore, recommends Daniel Kahneman’s book “Thinking Fast and Slow” for people seeking to grow their productivity. As one of the fathers of behavioral economics, the book’s author is the only psychologist ever to win the Nobel Prize for Economics.

Entrepreneurship is not an easy road to travel. Consequently, Oren Frank encourages entrepreneurs to take a break in what they are doing every once in a while to get their priorities straight. Focusing on what is important and defining the goal or challenge it comes with, then working on it obsessively should help any entrepreneur grow their business. He points out that failures in business are inevitable. However, entrepreneurs should aim to make many of them as early as they can.

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