Norka Martinez Luque is a budding international artist who resides in Miami, Florida. The Latino songbird was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and spent most of her childhood in the Latino capital city. She developed a strong love for music while she was still in high school. According to her profile, she took part in different singing competitions including the “The Golden Voice,” “School Festival of Gaitas” and many others.

She loved music so much that her parents were convinced that she had a place in the music industry. They paid extra for her voice practice, flamenco, piano, and ballet lessons. Even though her parents supported her bid to pursue music as a profession, they gave her one condition; she had to complete her academic education.


Schooling in France

Soon after she completed high school, she moved to France in pursuit of higher education. She enrolled in a French business school where she took up an International Business degree. Music was part of Ms. Norka Martinez Luque, even while in school, she did not forget her passion. She created time to perform in a French nightclub. She eventually joined a band by the name Bad Moon Rising. She took a role as the band’s soloist and featured in many performances allowing her to perfect her art.


Relocating to the United Sates

Upon graduating, Ms. Martinez moved to Monaco where she had a short banking career before moving again to the United States. She enrolled in an art studio that offered singing lessons. This art studio also offered courses in fashion and Culinary Arts. Her fortune soon changed when she encountered Emilio Estefan Jr., an accomplished music producer.

Their meeting was by chance since Emilio was up to other things when Norka Luque spotted her. She did not waste the chance. She arranged to present some of her music samples to Emilio Estefan at the Crescent Moon Studios.


Her success

In a joint effort between Emilio and Norka Luque, an album was produced. This album had several successful songs including “As you do,” “Miracle,” and “Tomorrowland” among others. “Milagro” gained international success because it passed a powerful message of hope to the fans. Additionally, the song was a perfect mixture of Caribbean sounds and reggae, with tastes of Mediterranean beats.

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