Nitin Khanna is quick to attribute his success to the people around him.

Viewing companies the same way he views people, Khanna believes that when people succeed, the company will too. A belief that explains why he spends most of his time recruiting.

The rest of his time is spent mentoring people – sometimes turning them until mentors themselves.

A favorite pastime of his, the people he has mentored will regularly come up to him to thank him for the help. Some have even showed up years after the fact.

Mentorship isn’t a one way street though. It also provides benefits to the company. The ideas that Khanna teaches them, trickle-down to the rest of the company. Spreading out, these ideas raise the company higher.

Nitin Khanna is to stranger to these benefits – he grew up in a family of entrepreneurs.

Developing a Blueprint

Nitin Khanna grew up in Himachal Pradesh, India. A province to the north that is surrounded by mountains and foothills.

His father, a colonel in the army, inspired him to be a leader. The entrepreneurs in his family gave him the blueprint for running is own successful enterprises.

Growing up around cement plants and motorcycle part factories, Khanna would go on to create his own successful enterprise.

Founded in 1998, Saber Corp would go on to become the largest stand-alone provider for the state government in the US. With an employee count of 1200 and revenue over $120 million, Khanna would later sell the enterprise to EDS.

In 2009, he create MergerTech, a boutique technology treasury. Highly successful, the company provides personalized and comprehensive consultations to clients. Khanna provides a key role due to his expertise and experience in the field.

Most recently, Nitin Khanna expanded his field of expertise into the realm of medical cannabis. Created in 2015, Cura Cannabis Solutions provides cannabis oil to businesses in Oregon.

Despite stepping down as CEO, Nitin Khanna still has high hopes for the company and believes it to have the potential of becoming the default choice for cannabis in the future.

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