NGP VAN MiniVan is the Key to Inclusive Canvassing

Canvassing in the computer ages can use tools that can improve communication, provide real-time interaction, and offer flexibility in managing field resources. The technology does not replace the human interaction that is the basis of canvassing. We must establish a personal connection with the potential voter. Software and tech advances add valuable tools for getting to as many voters as possible and delivering a relevant campaign message.


– MiniVan Software

The NGP VAN Smartphone app can link field organizers, leaders, and volunteers on a real-time basis. Managers and field staff can share lists, get directions, instructions, and distribution of workload. Distributive canvassing is a valuable technique enabled by the NGP VAN Smartphone app. Field directors and organizers can allocate workload on the fly for a high level of control, efficiency, and flexibility.


– Inform and Learn

The human touch has two fundamental purposes. First, we can deliver the campaign message and provide an opportunity for the voter to learn and participate in the campaign. Second, canvassing is an opportunity to listen, observe, and learn from the potential voter. The level and types of concerns is critical feedback for the campaign that must continuously adapt to changing conditions.

– Inclusive Canvassing

A traditional approach to voter identification might use the standard classifications of voter registration systems. On the menu for gender identification, the standard options are binary. Voters can select male or female. This male or female menu is an anatomical definition that does not consider the reality. It does not fit all people either physically, by personality, or by self-identification. The MiniVan software and other NGP VAN tools include properties that support inclusive voter identification. The campaign needs to know the potential voter’s gender identification choices.


Progressive canvassing must identify LGBTQ categories and other choices persons may make for themselves. Gender identification involves many factors. The goal of canvassing is to capture information and provide human contact to establish a responsive relationship between the campaign and every potential voter. LGBTQ voters are an essential part of any progressive and Democratic campaign. In some localities, the LGBTQ community represents a center of activism, awareness, and fundraising support.